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Canoeing In British Columbia

A weekly Podcast about everything canoeing in British Columbia

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Shownotes: Selecting a Canoe

Past Episodes

Constitution & Bylaws, (2017)

BEAVER CANOE CLUB Policies, (2018))

Trip Rulz, (2018)

2018 Draft AGM Minutes

Beaver Directors Duties' 

2015 Society Act directors' provisions, (abridged)

Beaver Tales 1977 to 2014. Searchable PDF - (395 MB)

Past Episodes:

    Episode 1; Beaver Canoe Club Meet President Phil 

    Episode 2; Beaver Canoe Club Meet David, Trips Director 

    Episode 3; Beaver Canoe Club  Meet the Traiining Director

    Episode 4; Choosing a Canoe

    Episode 5; 

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