Beaver Canoe Club
2019 Awards Dinner & Dance

Saturday December 7. Early Bird Tickets only $26.
3760 Sperling Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 4X5

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Doors at 6:00, Dinner at 7:00, Awards & Photo Contest at 8:00 & Live Band at 9:00.

Dinner Menu (By Popular Vote)

  1. Baked Wild BC Salmon with basil butter.
  2. Grilled Portabello mushroom and spinach lasagna, (vegetarian).
  3. Grilled Thai lemongrass chicken thighs.
+ 3 salads, potatoes & rice, vegetables, deserts & fruit.
Bar Service or bring your own wine and pay a reasonable $3/bottle corkage fee.

Pay by PayPal, (you do NOT need an account),
or at the October General Meeting.

See Beaver Tales for Photo Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines.