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Shownotes: Beaver Canoe Club Meet the President

Guest Bio: Phil

Phil has been an active paddler in the Beaver Canoe Club since 1996. Mostly staying out of the limelight, a few years ago he agreed to act as Vice President, "as long as he didn't have to do anything." 

In 2018 Phil agreed to be the Club's President. In this podcast he talks about this journey. 


When did Phil first join the Beaver Canoe Club and why. What kind of people might be found in the Club. What does it cost. Phil also talked about his favourite experiences in the Club.

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Future podcast episodes will include: Meet the Beaver Canoe Club Trips Director, Meet three members, Meet the Training Director, How to plan for a wilderness trip, Taking kids wilderness canoeing, Food preparation for a wilderness canoe trip, Planning an Ocean canoe Trip and How to choose a canoe.

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