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Shownotes: Beaver Canoe Club Meet the Trips' Director

Guest Bio: David

David joined the Beaver Canoe Club in 1993. Besides being a year round active canoer, he has also helped the Club by serving on its executive as President, Secretary, Trips, Social & Membership Director.


David talks about his first trip with the  Beaver Canoe Club. He details the many kinds of day and extended trips he has gone on and how they are organized. He also discusses the Club's first and last trip of the year, Widgeon Creek, as well as Rivers' Week and the Lower Fraser River.

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Future podcast episodes will include: Meet the Beaver Canoe Club Trips Director, Meet the Training Director, How to plan for a wilderness trip, Taking kids wilderness canoeing, Food preparation for a wilderness canoe trip, Planning an Ocean canoe Trip and How to choose a canoe.

Past Episodes:

    Episode 1; Beaver Canoe Club Meet President Phil 

    Episode 2; Beaver Canoe Club Meet David, Trips Director 

    Episode 3; Beaver Canoe Club  It's Spring and that means it's Training time!

    Episode 4; Our canoe's lineage and what shape and size will fit me.

    Episode 5;

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